Finding Creativity in Everything.



I’m Abbie Speed, a quirky, creative communications professional with more ideas floating around in my head than I know what to do with! I am a creative powerhouse, with artistic skills in writing, artistry, public speaking, research, editing, and teaching.


With a B.A. in Mass Communications and an M.A. currently underway in the same subject Brigham Young University, I have access to some of the best resources and education in my field of study. I am an expert in Mass Media, Social Media, Video and Audio Production, Digital Art, Logo Design, Writing, Research, Public Speaking, Teaching, and Editing.

A painting inspired by that castle logo we all know and love! Watercolor on canvas. 2017.


I am an artist, creative writer, musician, and songwriter in my free time. I have uploaded some highlights of my artwork to this website in a small gallery to give you a basic overview of my skills and interests. I have plenty of short stories, novel ideas, and a plethora of academic papers that demonstrate my competence as a writer. I have a mind overflowing with stories, and I fill my time by telling those stories via these creative outlets, including a personal blog that can be accessed through the orange Blogger link at the bottom of my website.


A Murder For The Ages, October 2018

Because I have so many diverse interests and talents, I always have a project to hone my skills and creative thinking. I create several costumes for the Salt Lake FanX Convention every fall. I also wrote and created several murder mystery party packages that I am in the process of finalizing into a potential business venture. I am dedicated to expanding my skillset in every way possible.