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Three Ingredients For Happy Living!

Three Ingredients For Happier Living

Written by Abbie Speed

When you scroll down your Facebook page or when you’re flitting past dozens of Instagram photos looking for something to make you smile, you just might be missing out on three crucial things that promote daily happiness. Lucky for you, we’ve created an easy recipe to make some smiles today!

Step 1: One Cup of Family

Going back to your roots and spending quality time with family members is the first step toward a life of fun and laughter!

Suzanne Pish, writer for Michigan State University, insists to families that, “The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences.”

*photo of mom and daughter

When responsibilities and struggles make it seem impossible to smile, building close family ties and creating unforgettable memories together is a great way to readjust your perspective.

Julie Fullmer, fulltime mayor of Vinyard, Utah and mother of two, says that focusing on her family allows her to see the world through different lenses and makes everything new and interesting all over again.

Step Two: Add A Dash of Friends

Budgeting out some downtime with your closest friends is a great addition to achieving a happy lifestyle.

School and work is important and all,” says college student Donna Wilson at Brigham Young University, “but life’s really about experiences, and I think those happen the most when you’re with friends.”

Sometimes, taking the night off to hang out with your besties is the best way to bring some smiles to the table!

Step 3: Sprinkle With Puppies

Obviously, one of the best prescriptions for a case of the blues is a good puppy-cuddle!

Pets are great for filling your time with wholesome and rewarding playtime and care with a furry little friend. Though they can be a lot of work, the emotional payoff is definitely worth it!

It was a lot of responsibility,” says Chantry Knox about his emotional support dog, Ander, “but I feel like he helps me not worry about my problems as much, not just because he’s so sweet, but more because he takes up a big part of my life.”

Don’t have a pet? No worries! Phone a pet-owning friend, visit a pet store, or check out businesses like The Puppy Barn or Puppies For Rent that let you play with puppies until your happy-meter is full again!

So if you’re craving a little extra happiness today, maybe spend a little more time with the important people and pets in your life!

Need another dose of smiles from Project Live Happy? Check out our video about Chantry and Ander here!



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